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I had your cupcakes on vacation earlier this year and told my family how great they were.  Yesterday, when we were camping in Half Moon Bay, we all drove up to Pacifica to your shop and got some more cupcakes.  The staff there is the best.  Very attentive and nice.  I had stopped at another cupcake store the day before in San Mateo and that lady acted like we were interrupting her.  Pacificakes Bake Shop people were busy but didn’t act like we were a bother.  They were very accommodating to such a large group (10 of us).  But the best part was that the cupcakes were the best.  The maple bacon was a family favorite.  Thank you for such good treatment on a very rainy miserable camping day.  The trip to your shop was the highlight of the day.  Kathy, September 2013



I just wanted to tell you that the cake was amazing and a real hit. Thank you so much!
Julia, September 2013

Dear Mariel, Everyone loved the cupcakes tonight. I’m so glad Ellen gave you a tour of KQED today. Thank you for the tote bag. I will use it all the time. Warmest regards, Ann from KQED, September 2013  



Had to sample a macaroon last night – MY GOODNESS!! Cannot wait to sample a cupcake tonight!  Looking forward to doing lots of business with you in the future!! Tracey, June 2013  



The cake turned out beautifully!  Thank you so much.  Milan had a lovely birthday party. Elizabeth

Thank you so much for the cupcakes.  They were a huge hit (there are none left!  Some kids ate four!).  The bug pictures were awesome, and I loved how the fondant was so light. Thanks for making our party so special!  You are the best!  Ashley
Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful and delicious PINK cake!  We are so thrilled to be having a Baby Girl Andrea

  Just had the peanut butter and jelly cupcake… I’m in heaven    Sam, June 2013  


Thank you so much for the delicious mini cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies you made, nearly 2 weeks ago, for the bautizo for my son! Even with last minute notice, you really helped us out and I am so grateful. I plan on continuing business and referring all my friends and family! -Veronica. June,2013  


My friend and I came in yesterday for the first time…SUPER YUMMY cupcakes!! Thank you for dessert that hit just the right spot! Vicki, April 2013  


Seriously, the Banana Cupcake with Chocolate Chips was AMAZING!  Sea Jay, April 2013   We loved meeting you today! Your cupcakes are fluffy dreams of wonderful yumminess!!! We’ll be ordering a birthday cake soon and look forward to seeing you again!!! God bless you! Lori, March 2013



It truly says something when your kids will devour the cake and not just the frosting. We love Pacificakes . The minis disappeared within minutes!! There were a lot of other leftover desserts, but not yours! Thank you again.  Lola, March, 2013  


This place is amazing!!  The best carrot cake in town!  Can’t say enough good things about the staff and the owner.  Her heart is in the right place for sure! Tala, May 2013



Natural ingredients and no preservatives that’s what I love of these cupcakes!. Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Juan, March 2012